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As with all electrical applicances, air conditioners wear out due to wear and tear. In fact due to the long hours (sleeping hours) of usage, air conditioners tend to break down more often.

Common Air Conditioners Problems

  1. Break down due to improper use
    When your air conditioner is turned on, make sure the room or space is enclosed. Close all windows and doors to ensure a “seal” space. If your windows or doors are opened, you will overwork the air conditioners. Air conditioners are meant to cool an enclosed area and keep it at the temperate you preset. If the area isn’t enclosed, your air conditioner will have to keep working non stop (over working) to cool the area.
  2. Faulty air conditioning installation / poor air conditioning servicing and maintenance
    From the onset, if your air conditioning system isn’t installed properly, you might experience low air flow and the inability to cool the space to the temperate you want. This generally arises from the amount of refrigerant available in your system.
  3. Fuse / Circuit Trips
    If your air conditioner fails to work properly, it might not be a machine failure on the air conditioner part. To verify this, shut down your air conditioner and wait for a few minutes. Proceed to reset your fuse / circuit. Ensure that you have electricity in your house (your other electrical appliances should be working), turn on your air conditioner again and verify if
    it is your air conditioner failure (rather than the fuse / circuit tripping)
  4. Refrigerant Leak
    If you air conditioner is working (fan is working) but it doesn’t cool the room (at all or only partially), this is probably due to a refrigerant leak. Refrigerant is the agent present in your air conditioner that cools your room. In the event of a refrigerant leak, it may not be sufficient simply to add refrigerant, an inspection should always be done to fix and repair the leak to ensure the root of the problem is solved.
  5. Clogged or dirty air conditioner filters
    The air filter in the air conditioning system filters the dust and dirt in the air. Over time, dust and dirt accumulates on the filter and affects the efficiency of the air conditioners. Routine cleaning of the air filter can be done easily (most of the time).


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